Sarvadosh Vidhi

Sarvadosh Vidhi

Sarvadosh Vidhi

According to astrology, everyone is obsessed with some or the other planets. Many times she does not know what is causing the storm in her life. Because of which life is getting difficult. So what are the symptoms of Navagraha Dosha and ways to get rid of it.

Kalsarp Dosh

There are many misconceptions and uncertainties about the worship performed for the different types of doshas present in a horoscope and it becomes very difficult for a commoner to decide whether to do any dosha. What should be the method of worship. Due to differing opinion of different astrologers about the worship performed for Kalasarp Dosh, there is a lot of uncertainty, due to which the common man has to face a lot of dilemma.

Pitra dosha

When there is a combination of Sun and Rahu on the ninth, it is believed that Pitra Dosh Yoga is being formed. According to the scripture, in whatever sense the Sun and Rahu sit, all the fruits of that house get destroyed. There is such a dosha in a person's horoscope that is capable of giving all these sorrows together, this dosha is known as Pitru Dosha.

The ninth house of the horoscope is called the house of religion, it is also the house of the father, if somehow the ninth house is afflicted by bad planets, then it indicates that the wishes of the ancestors were left unfulfilled, which is naturally bad planet They are called Sun, Mars, Saturn and do their work in some ascendant, but Rahu and Ketu give their side effects in all aspects, ninth house, ninth house master planet, ninth house If the owner of the ninth house from the zodiac sign and the moon sign is afflicted by Rahu or Ketu, then it is called Pitra Dosh. This type of person is always in some kind of tenson, his education is not complete, he craves for livelihood, he is mentally or physically crippled in some way.

Chandal Yoga

Guru Chandal Yoga is considered to be very inauspicious giving very negative results, so obviously the main role in making it will be that of any malefic planet and that non-destructive planet is not Rahu but Rahu. If Rahu's name is so dangerous, then obviously the results will also be dangerous. But Rahu alone does not make this yoga, but the deity considered to be the god of wisdom, together with Guru Jupiter i.e. Guru, creates this ill-posed Guru Chandal Yoga. When Rahu and Guru are together or see each other sitting in any sense, then Guru Chandal Yoga is formed. The person who has this yoga in his horoscope does not see the end of troubles in his life.

Kshatriya Dosh

In India, out of the octaves used in the property matching method used for marriage functions, the letters named Varna and Vasya are awarded 1 and 2 marks respectively and these codes have special importance in the method of matching. . For the convenience of new readers, I am briefly describing this method of property matching here. In the process of virtue matching, eight codes are matched, due to which it is also called Ashtakut Milan and these are the eight codes, varna, vasya, tara, vagina, planetary friendship, gana, bhakuta and pulse and all these codes are brides and Points are given after joining the bride's coils and the maximum marks given to these codes are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and eight respectively which means that the maximum number for character matching is 1. And pulse matching Maximum marks are 8. In the event of getting maximum marks out of all these codes, the total marks become 36 which is also called total properties and which are the maximum qualities or marks provided by the method of matching properties. The matching of each of these codes can be awarded a minimum of 0 points in which case the defects related to this code are considered such as pulse defects in case the pulse matches get 0 points, Bhakoot matches in case of 0 points. In case of defects and Varna or Vashya Milan getting 0 marks, Varna and Vashya Dosha etc. Varna and Vasya are considered important in the method of property matching, due to which their matching is also considered necessary. In today's article, we will discuss about the inauspicious fruits related to varna and vasya matching, varna dosha and vasya dosha and varna and vasya dosha and their reality and practicality.

Grahan Yog

According to Vedic astrology, eclipse yoga is considered to be an inauspicious yoga formed in a horoscope whose creation in a horoscope can cause problems in different areas of the life of the native. According to the prevalent definition of eclipse yoga in Vedic astrology, if either one of Rahu or Ketu is placed along with the Sun or Moon in a horoscope, then Eclipse Yoga is formed in such a horoscope. Some Vedic astrologers believe that even if a planet in Rahu or Ketu is impacted by the Sun or the Moon in a horoscope, then eclipse yoga is made in the horoscope. In this way it can be said that if Rahu or Ketu has effect on the Sun or Moon in any horoscope, then the eclipse yoga is formed in the horoscope, which gives it different types of life in different areas of the person. Can cause trouble. Eclipse literally means to eat and similarly it is believed that when one of Rahu or Ketu is situated with the Sun or Moon, these planets eat the fruit of the Sun or Moon in the horoscope, which causes the person to live his life. Problems have to be faced in various fields of.