Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress And Its Adverse Effects On Human Beings

The word “Geopathic” is derived from the Greek words, “Geo’ meaning ‘the Earth’, and “Pathos” meaning‘disease’ or ‘Suffering’, so literally ‘ suffering of the Earth’. The term ‘Geopathic stress’ is used to describe negative energies, also known as ‘harmful earth rays’, which emanate from the earth and cause discomfort and ill health to those living above. Earth energies can be bad, good or neutral.When a structure is built above underground water, the natural magnetic flow of the water energy is restricted, and disruptive vibrations are set up in the building. Thus if we sleep over these flows over a period of time, body’s natural resistance to diseases can be affected. Geopathic Stress is the cause of many different illnesses which are frequently stress related and difficult to diagnose.

How To Identify Geopathic Stress

If you or your family members experience any of the below mentioned symptoms / occurances frequently ,then you can safely assume that you are sleeping in a Geopathically stressed bedroom and you need to take corrective action immediately. Geopathic Stress does not cause an illness, but lowers your immune system, so you have less chance of fighting any illness.

"Restlessness, INSOMNIA , difficulty in getting to sleep, excessive dreaming, excessively heavy sleep, wakingup unrefreshed , waking up with headache or back pain , Cold or restless feet and legs in bed, Asthma and respiratory difficulties in night, fatigue and lethargy in daytime, UNEXPLAINED MOOD CHANGES, AGGRESSION AND DEPRESSION and Uneasiness".

Other Possible Effects Of Geopathic Stress Include:

Poor workmanship

Loss of confidence

Negative Thoughts

Geopathic Stress has been found to be the common factor in most serious and long-term illnesses and psychological conditions.
Scientists have determined that the natural vibrational frequency of earth to be 7.83 Hz. Having been inhabitants of this earth for thousands of years, our (human being) body frequency is also tuned to this 7.83 Hz. There is a natural sense of wellbeing for us as long as there are no wild changes in these frequencies. When for some reason the earth frequency at a particular location increases rapidly( because of Geopathic stress) we humans living there begin to feel a discomfort and ill health results. Geopathic stressed zones create electromagnetic stress vibrating at upto 250 Hz, which is highly harmful to living organisms who experience it.

How we Relieve you from Geopathic Stress ?

Holistic practitioner can assess whether or not you are being affected by Geopathic Stress. If you are, you will probably want to have the Geopathic Stress removed from your home or workplace.

Most homes and workplaces can be cleared of Geopathic Stress and its effects, either with a single visit or with a short series of visits spaced some weeks apart.

There are a wide variety of strategies for reducing or eliminating Geopathic Stress and its effects from your environment.

Some of these include proprietary devices, which can be installed into a home or office.

Other techniques, more in keeping with former practices, include using “earth acupuncture” techniques – inserting either metal rods or sometimes stone into the earth at focal or nodal points to subtly change the local magnetic environment. This work is often done by a dowser or geomantic practitioner who will come and assess the particular needs of your space.